Society of Photographers Penang (SPP) Photo Contest 2018


Contest Themes:-
Theme 1:- Night Scene Photography 夜景与风景摄影
  • Entry Date:- 1st Feb ~ 31st Mar 2018
  • Closing date:- 1st Apr 2018
Theme 2:- Heritage & Architecture photography 古迹与建筑摄影
  • Date:- 1st Apr ~ 31st May 2018
  • Closing date:- 1st Jun 2018
Theme 3:- Street photography 街头摄影
  • Date:- 1st Jun ~ 31stt Jul 2018
  • Closing date:- 1st Aug 2018
Theme 4:- Festival & Cultural photography 节日与文化摄影
  • Date:- 1st Aug ~ 30st Sep 2018
  • Closing date:- 1st Oct 2018
Awards and Prizes:-
  • There would be 10 merit awards in each of the contest theme. Each merit awards comprises of cash price of RM100.00.
  • 每个比赛主题将有10个优秀奖。每个优秀奖都可获得现金 RM100.00.
  • Photo of SPP members selected in the merit award winners in each theme are qualified automatically for SPP Photo Contest Grand Final to win the total grand prize of RM 6,000.00.
  • SPP会员在每个主题的所有优秀奖获作品均可自动获得SPP摄影大赛总决赛资格并赢取总奖金 RM 6,000.00 的一二三奖.
  • The grand prize is limited only to SPP members. Non SPP winners would be requested to join as member for the eligibility of the grand prize.
  • 摄影大赛总决赛仅限SPP会员。非SPP获奖者必须加入会员才能获得入选大奖资格。
  • SPP Photo Contest Winner Grand Prize:- 1st cash prize :RM3,000.00, 2nd cash prize : RM2,000.00 and 3rd cash prize: RM1,000.00.
  • SPP摄影大赛总决赛: 第一名:现金RM3,000.00,第二名:现金RM2,000.00,第三名:现金RM1,000.00.
  • Results will be notified by way of email and made available on SPP website and Facebook.
  • 优胜者成绩将通过电子邮件通知,并在SPP网站和面子书上发布。
Rules and Regulations:-
  • Participants are to submit their entries on-line only via email:
  • 参赛者可把作品电邮至:
  • The SPP Photography Contest is opened to all amateur and professional photographers.
  • 此SPP摄影比赛公开给所有业余摄影师和专业摄影师。
  • Entries must originate as photographs made by the entrant.
  • 参赛作品必须来自参赛者拍摄个人作品创作.
  • All entries must be taken in Penang State in year 2018 and fulfilled the theme for each section.
  • 所有参赛作品必须是2018年於梹城州拍摄并遵循每个部分的主题。
  • Each participant is limited to submit 2 photos per theme, SPP members may submit up to 5 entries per theme.
  • 每位参赛者仅限于每个主题提交2张照片,SPP会员每个主题最多可提交5个参赛作品。
  • Techniques that add, replace or remove any element of the original image, except by cropping, are not permitted.
  • 不允许添加,替换或删除原始图像的任何元素(除裁剪外).
  • SPP retains the right to investigate in any way all complaints/suspicions and requesting entries to submit the original file (file containing the data recorded by the RAW file) ). If participant fails to abide by these rules, we will have the right to cancel the contestant’s qualification.
  • SPP保留以任何方式调查所有投诉/怀疑并要求提交原始文件(包含数据的文件,即RAW文件)的权利. 如果参与者不遵守本规则,本会有权利取消参赛者的参赛资格。
  • All photos must be submitted in JPEG format with maximum 1920×1080 pixels and limited to maximum file size 3MB.
  • 所有照片必须以JPEG格式提交并限制最大像素为1920×1080和最大文件为3MB。
  • If there is any legal issue pertaining to copyright of the entries. The participants shall bear the full responsibility.
  • 如果有任何有关版权的法律问题。参与者应承担全部责任。
  • The decision of the judges is final. No correspondence shall be entertained.
  • 裁判的決定乃最終的決定。將不接受任何函件訴求。
  • Society of Photographer Penang (SPP) reserves the right to reproduce the entered photographs free of charge for promotional purposed related to the Society like catalog, website and exhibition and/or display in the media.
  • 槟城摄影家协会(SPP)享有免费使用参赛者作品的权力,可以重复使用这些图片进行与本协会相关的宣传、出版、网站、展览、或媒体展示。
  • The submission of entries signifies the entrant’s acceptance to be bound by these rules and the decisions by the organizer.
  • 提交参赛作品意味着参赛者接受并遵守本规则的约束和主办方的决定