ASPP :-  Associateship of Society of Photographers Penang
FSPP :-  Fellowship of Society of Photographers Penang

i.  The above mentioned titles (ASPP, FSPP) will only be awarded to members of SPP.
ii.  Any valid member of SPP or its alliance clubs is entitled to apply for the examination of the Distinctions Awards.
iii.  All applicants who have successfully conferred Associateship or Fellowship must apply for life membership within a month. Otherwise, the Award will be withdrawn.
iv. When a member chooses to withdraw his/her membership OR is expelled by the accordance with Rule 6 of the Constitution, his/her title  (ASPP, FSPP) will also be withdrawn automatically. However, this clause does not cover or affect those holders of ‘Honorary Distinctions’.

Honorary Distinctions

A person (non-member) or member of SPP who has achieved or has been actively involved in promoting photography directly or indirectly at national or international level will be eligible for one of the following awards:-

Honorary Member of Society of Photographers Penang (HON.SPP)
          The candidate must be actively involved in promoting photography directly international level.

Honorary Fellowship of Society of Photographers Penang (HON.FSPP)
         The candidate who has achieved one of the following:-
i.  Elected President for at least 2 terms consecutively.
ii.  Appointed Salon Chairman for at least 2 terms consecutively.
iii.  Achieved outstanding recognition of exceptional services to SPP for at least 4 years consecutively.
iv.  Actively contributing to the promotion of photography and is internationally recognized and accepted.

Honorary Exhibitor of Society of Photographers Penang (HON.ESPP)
     The Honorary Exhibitor (Hon. ESPP) is open to successful participants who have a total of Nine (9) entries accepted for Three (3) consecutive Salons in the same section organized by the Society.

      SPP Awards Application form